TBL Newsletter -September 21, 2020

Here are a handful of great ideas for pediatric therapy, business and life:

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Kiri is one of those rare battery-powered toys that isn’t completely obnoxious. It’s a matching game for animals and colors, but I can think of a million ways to use it with my non-verbal and semi-verbal kiddos. That said, it’s probably most useful for early intervention and preschool patients.

It supports English, Spanish and Chinese, which makes it a dream come true for those of us working in culturally diverse communities. Right now you can pre-order it for $99.

Here’s a link to the video demo.


After scouring the internet for new teletherapy and sensory gym ideas, I came across this oldie-but-goodie: Floor is Lava.

I have no idea what goes on in popular culture these days, so I completely missed the Netflix show based on the game.

This is the perfect activity for my patients with hyperactivity and low ideation. Movement always helps idea generation, and this game is a hit with a lot of different age groups.

Kids love constructing pretend lava fields with pillow rocks to jump on. You’d be surprised how elaborate the game can get. And learn from my mistake: always get permission from the parents BEFORE the child starts taking the cushions off the sofa.


Therapy freelancing is difficult when the economy is good. In times like these, it can cause a daily earthquake of anxiety (speaking from experience). This article is a good reminder that you still have control over a lot of things, even if some aspects of your practice have evaporated.

Overcoming the badness of a situation is ten times easier when you figure out ways to take back some of your control. 

Some key take-aways:


“The power of negative thinking > the power of positive thinking. Instead of visualizing a clear path, imagine the obstacles that might make you fail and then clear your own path.”

Annie Duke, How To Decide*


What would you like to change about how you currently practice?  


Have a great week!

 Ashley King, MSR, OTR/L
Founding Editor

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